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Clatsop Plains, mouth Columbia River, Oregon Territory,
December 16th, 1850

Having resided  on these Plains for upwards of four years, and a cultivator of the land for my occupation, I can speak with a knowledge of the products of this section of the world, as far as my observations have extended.  In reference to the dairy business, the average yearly product of butter per cow is estimated at 96 pounds.  Cheese, double that amount.  Comparative cost per pound for making, 6 cents.  Mode of churning, with the common churn.  Average price of butter per pound, $1; cheese, 75 cents.
    Neat cattle.--Cost of rearing till 3 years old, is what they gather from the range themselves; scarcely fed any in winter; usual price at 3 years old, if sold for beef, is from 16 to 25 cents per pound.  Value good dairy-cows, $75 at any season of the year; we have but a few of the most approved breed of cattle.
    Turnips.--Are raised here to great perfection.  This year's crop, in manured ground, 300 bushels per acre of the common flat turnip, larger, in general, than any I ever saw raised in the States.  The common weight of a turnip is from 10 to 15 pounds, some larger and some smaller.
    Carrots and Beets.--The cultivation of these roots as a field crop is on the increase.  The yield is usually good.
Irish Potatoes.--Average yield per acre, (manured ground,) 400 bushels.  Cost of production per bushel, 10 cents.  Most prolific, and profitable, the kidney and common blue.  Average price per bushel, (wholesale,) $2.75.
    The cultivation of fruit-trees is receiving increasing attention.
    The above prices may seem to be high, but owing to our section of country being so nigh the mining country, every thing that can be raised is in ready demand, and at a high rate.

Very respectfully, yours & c.