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Reports on Maize Grown in New England in 1854

Statement of Gideon Lane, of Killingworth, Middlesex county, Connecticut

     Corn is raised by all our farmers to a greater or less extent.  Guano is used in fertilizing the ground, generall being mixed with other manure, when applied to the hills of corn.  Some farmers sow at broadcast and plough it in.  The gain by using this manure is calculated to be about 5 bushels to 100 pounds.

    It is thought here that the best time to plant corn is from the 1st to the 15th of May.  The hills are made 4 feet apart each way, with four to five stalks in each.  

     I think the average yield is not more than 35 or 40 bushels to the acre, although as high as 70 or more bushels are sometimes rasied by superior cultivation 

Statement of Eli Goodrich, of Brandford, New Haven county, Connecticut

     Our farmers raise but little more corn than they need for their own use, believing it not to be profitable.  I have ussed guano for this crop with success; but on account of its great cost the increased yield will scarcely remunerate the farmer for the outlay.  By putting about 400 pounds upon an acre I suppose from 10 to 15 bushels more of corn will be produced.

     With good mandagement corn yields in this vicinity from 100 to 125 bushels to the acre, worth a $1 a bushel.  Time of planting the first of May.  We plant the rows 4 feet apart each way.


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